Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's good to be home.

I rolled into town on July 2nd, and was surprised to see all the local businesses greeting me on their signs and billboards. I only got a couple pictures, but I can assure you there were a lot more. Unfortunately most of the other signs said Sgt. before my name, then had the wrong last name after Corey. Anyway, it was a warm welcome nonetheless.

I spent a few quality days in Yankton over the 4th, and survived this year without any stiches. We did all the great Yankton summer activities, boating, wakeboarding, sandboarding, camping on the island, partying at a storage shed (that was a new one for me) as well as running through large water spouts.

I always love coming back home, but I don't think I could survive a full week of it anymore. It's hard to believe that we used to do that for a full summer. I'm in Sioux Falls now with my parents relaxing and getting a couple of good days of training in before I head out to Superweek.

Mark running through the water. (It was really late)

I may or may not have pushed Kristin through the "fountain" with me.

Fireworks from the island.

Sand couch surrounding out fire.

Our fire got really big after a wood gathering contest.

The timeless wakeboarding/sunset picture.

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Excellent post corey.