Monday, July 23, 2007

Superweek Day 11?

Last night went pretty good. I felt good, able to ride at the front, and even managed to attack a time or two. I still can't seem to buy a lap off the front, but hopefully my time will come.

Today is the Tour of Holy Hill Road Race. Hopefully it goes better than the last road race we did. Right now I've got a full french press, and "Throw some D's" so loud my car is shaking, so the day is at least starting off right.

I used to think about immature things, you know like, do you love me? Do you want me? Are you gonna call me like you said you would? Is this really your real phone number? WAIT A MINUTE ............!

Thanks for checking in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good luck today. i think for a post meal you should ride to the local KFC and get the new KFC chicken bowl...mashed taters, corn, gravy, and chicken popper thingys...orgasmic