Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm driving home.

Finally on my way back to Colorado after being gone for about a month.

The racing ended well, with a 33rd at the Downers Ave race. I skipped sunday, and spent yesterday with my parents. It was good to spend a little more time with them, my mom and I made it out for a ride on their tandem in the morning. She just sits on the back and chats, but keeps pushing harder and harder until I tell her we're going to coast. There are some big hills on the way home from the bike path, and I just thought we'd drop it into the granny gear and take our time. I ended up having to upshift at least two or three times because she would spin the gear out, and I would find myself doing no work at all. Here she is pushing me up the hills, but won't do the ride alone because she doesn't want to cross 57th street? Doesn't make much sense.

In the afternoon my dad and I played 9 holes of golf at the course right by our house. We alternated shots, which was a lot of fun, even if it seemed like we were trying to make it as hard on each other as possible. (I tried to chip onto a green, ended up hitting the ball at about a 90 degree angle to where I was aiming. Hit it right into a sand trap. My dads shot out of the sand cleared the green, so I got another chance to chip on and actually did that time.)

Now I'm on my way back to Colorado. Unfortunately Nebraska hasn't gotten any more interesting in the past month. My mom packed me a lunch, as well as sent a ton of cookies and special k bars with me. I was born over 23 years ago, and she was the first person I met. I've been very close to her ever since, she probably knows me better than anyone, yet still she sends boxes of really good junk food with me and actually expects me to share it with my roomate and girlfriend when I get home. Does she really expect me to sit next to this box of cookies for 9 hours and not touch it? Sometimes I feel like she doesn't know me at all.

Well, I should get back to driving, I wouldn't want to miss something exciting. Thanks for checking in.
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cosmomasturpolitan said...

Dear Corey,

I would advise you not critique my elitist credentials on a basis of my rejection of fashionable films, books, art, etc., as you have on Dana's esteemed blog. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that you yourself railed against "trendy" manicured beards. What differentiates my rejection of Borat from yours of hipster hygiene? I will note here that you've sported the trendy facial hair, despite your keen hatred, while I am consistent in my cultural critiques. This is known as integrity of taste.

I will also note here that you should not defend vapid movies such as Borat when your second favorite movie, as you have loudly proclaimed, is Brokeback Mountain. It's a good movie, certainly, but extending it to classic status is the mark of an inexperienced palate (great cinematography, which apparently only means "so pretty!!", "notwithstanding).

Although I'd like to say your criticisms are steeped in irony, which would actually align you further with the hipsters you supposedly detest, I don't believe this is the case. Your symptoms point to two other possible faults: ignorance and hypocrisy.

Pretty typical for the hoi polloi, yes. But I expect more from you, my sophisticated wine-drinking cohort.

Your friend,

Corey Carlson said...

You're an idiot.

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Save me some cookies.

Anonymous said...

you sharing those cookies, or are you just taunting us?

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Whoa. Are those your Sidis seen in the picture of your new 'cross bike on Mud & Cowbells?