Friday, July 13, 2007

Superweek Day 1

I made it to Chicago after a stop in Cedar Rapids IA last night. My mom's high school friend lives there so I had a free place to crash, which was awesome. Thanks again Paul and Cheryl.

I didn't have anything to keep me in IA this morning, so I set off fairly early, leaving myself PLENTY of time to get here.

I did a little exploring along the way, but still made it to the race course with 4 hours to spare.

I have my computer with me, so I was going to do an update with some pictures from my drive, and the neighborhood we're going to be racing in tonight, but internet at Starbucks is 10 bucks a day, so I figured pictures can wait.

This neighborhood is awesome, and the course looks to be perfectly suited to me if I've got good form. Unfortunately, I'm just coming off a solid block or R&R, so I might not be too sharp tonight. If anything could coax me into riding better than I should, I think this venue might do it. There is a huge expo area set up with like V.I.P. Seating along the road with cocktail tables with white table clothes, as well as a big announcers booth, etc. Basically it looks like a real race venue, (unlike Coal Miners Classic, I still feel sorry for you Dave).

There is a significant rise on the back of the course, a few hundred meters long, that'll get old on the later laps I'm sure, and the decent seems narrow and fast with a sharp 90• corner at the bottom. It'll be interesting, but that goes without saying. I'll try to get an update out tonight or tomorrow in the a.m. filling everyone in on how this plays out.

Thanks for checking in and wish me luck, I'll need it.

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Anonymous said...

good luck brah.


cosmomasturpolitan said...

You what game I loved when I was younger? Descent. You pilot this little spaceship like things, as you descend into the depths of mineshaft-like tunnels. I can't recall ever being on the surface, with open surroundings, so most of the game must have been underground, descending.

It was a really decent game. Someone should make another sequel so I could descend once again.