Monday, October 17, 2005

The past few days.

Once again it's Monday and I don't feel like I had a weekend. The memorial ride for Noah on Saturday was awesome. Obviously it was a little somber at first, but the mood perked up as the ride went on. There were around 150 people in attendence, and it was quite a site when we rolled out of Boulder in a double paceline that stretched about a block or two. The coolest thing was to see how much RM blue was in attendence and to be able to ride with them at the front. We cruised out HWY 36 from Boulder towards Lyons and the group split with some of the slower riders heading back to RM headquarters and then the rest of us continuing on to HWY 66, and back to Boulder on some of Noah's favorite dirt roads.

Sunday's Cyclocross race was a bust. The course was cool, really fast, almost all on the bike. I was sitting in 3rd after the start through the first run up. Passed one guy over the barriers and hopped back on only to snap my SLR saddle on the remount and finish out the next two laps on the seat rails. I moved between 3rd and 2nd position for the first two laps, only to pass a guy on the inside, lose all traction from my front tire, only to get back on and realize I lost the traction because the tire was going flat. On the long false flat gradual climb to the Start/Finish I realized the rear was flatting too. So... after only two laps I called it quits. I can think of a few ways I would have rather spent $20 and a half tank of gas, but oh well. I made it home in time to go for a ride with Scott.

Today I got a solid 3 hours in on the bike and I felt great. I also managed to wash all my dishes and clean my kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish cleaning the place, and get my cross bike running again. I'd like to thank Scott for being a trooper and allowing me to bogart his 42 tooth chainring for the past two weeks. I'll get it back to you tomorrow. It's done a fine job.

That's all for now. No great pictures from the weekend, but if you are all still up for some more reading check out this article about Will Calcote. I ran cross country with Will in middle school, wierd.


Anonymous said...

i bet his parents were republicans...

Anonymous said...

that's a seriously insane story. what happened to will man? too bad. I think you drove him to it Carlson, you bully sonofabitch. (Jokes)


Anonymous said...

im back and just spent like 15 minutes reading all of your updates..impressive. im sorry to hear about noah, that is horrible.