Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have 374 nipples.

I've had a couple of pretty uneventful days. Yesterday Scott and I went and rode Pinewood (a 20 minute climb near Carter Lake). Scott needed to do some testing and I decided I'd just go see how fast I could climb it. I felt pretty good, although I went out a little too hard not knowing what was coming. Oh well, the descent was a blast so we decided to climb it again, although there was no trying to go hard up it again. The second time down was even better. I passed an SUV and hit 80kph somewhere in the process. We were going to do a lap of the Carter Lake race course, but decided against it. I did however climb the backside of Carter Lake and hit 96 kph on the descent. I remembered that was a fast descent, so I wanted to see how fast I could go down it. I haven't climbed a hill just to see how fast I could get going since I put my first computer on my Trek 830 Mt. Track and hit 32 miles per hour going down 23rd street in front of Jon Zachers house, but that had to have been 5th or 6th grade.

Today I rode to the Roubaix, and adjusted my front derailleur, then rode to iBike and oiled my chain. I met Scott there so I followed him home and then we finally went for a ride. I had 25 minutes ride time before I started my ride. We did a little loop ending back at the Breadboard for a cup of coffee. Scott flatted as we were parting ways so I sat around and let him use my pump, but that's the last time. It's time he grow up and find some training tires for the winter because I REFUSE to sit around all day watching him change tubes (although I scored a tube out of the deal last time, maybe I should quit whining?). I headed into the shop tonight to clean my road bike since I've actually been riding it lately and I figured out why that stupid front derailleur wouldn't shift. The housing was exploded into the shifter and for some reason that was affecting the way it functioned. Maybe it's time I put a new cableset on my bike since I now have one red shift housing, one black, and brake housing that was once red, but has now faded to a pinkish color that looks awful. On top of this my bottle cages have faded to a bright orange, and my once red SLR is developing black edges that make it look like garbage. If I ever get the idea to go all out adding a bunch of color to my bike again, it'll be black next time. Oh well, live and learn right? Plus the red housing looked so cool on Saturn's bikes! Ha.

Alright, I need to get to studying rather than rambling on here. If you can't tell there was no point to this update other than to put off reviewing for my Algebra test tomorrow. Wish me luck. Looks like the race this Sunday will be a little less technical. I suppose that's a good and bad thing for me. I'm off to study.

P.S. Only two of them are living.

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Anonymous said...

96kph is 59.66mph. Holy crap that is really fast! Props, no way in hell I would do that. Good luck on sunday and on your test.