Friday, October 07, 2005

New York Subway

Shouldn't this guy be a little more concerned? He looks like he's just standing there eating a ham sandwich. I guess I just wouldn't feel too comfortable walking around in plain clothes next to a bunch of guys in haz mat suits.


Anonymous said...

that's because he's in on the joke corey. sources say that it's all just a part of the "terror-scare" that bush puts on for everyone to think we're continually under attack. the feds and the locals in NY disagree on the reliability. the rocky mtn news said this morning that 10 big plans have been foiled since 2001 because of our "efforts" in Iraq...something stinks...awww, it's the bullshit again...we're under ATTACK!!! it's OSAMA! he's back!

Corey Carlson said...

Don't worry Ray, FOX News says they'll be on the story all day. At least they're not trying to get too much mileage out of fizzing soda can..

Anonymous said...

Not to burst your guys fun, but if you look at the knees of the man with no suit, there is a yellow tape therefore he is in the cold zone. The guys in the suit since they have no respiratory protection are in the warm zone. The guy in the grey suit is about to enter the "hot zone" carrying an orange case. NY along with most large industrial cities has a problem with illegal dumping. Underneath NY is a maze of tunnel that usually access the subways. The orange case that the man is carrying is a sensor IR that is designed to recognize 50,000 different liquid/ powder substances. Since these guys are wearing level B (splash suits) they are going to recognize a liquid. NEVER once has there been a terror threat with a liquid that is not dispersed. On top of that, all terrorist haz mat suits in America are easily recognized by the color BROWN and the SCBA is worn underneath it (OSHA 1910.120). SO good try guys but this is a unknown liquid.

haz mat technician...

Anonymous said...

dang steve, good call.

fuck people who claim that bush makes shit up...move to iraq (pre-american troops) where you truly cant trust your government and stay there. at least there you know you cant trust your government.

nothing pisses me off more then pinkos who claims that the government makes up these terrorist should see the intel they have on these terrorist (i do as part of daily emails from homeland security).


Anonymous said...

nice to finally see danny's true colors coming out in the debate. he's always saying, "i'll sit this one out." i'm not sure if it's because he's not sure what to say and he'll just let pat do all the talking, or if he truly wants to hide his feelings. it's about time he enters...thank you steve for the explanation. that was most intelligent spelling and elegance of speech i have ever seen you bust out. i thought it was pn until i saw your name below. i feel terrible about my accusations...i'll love my president from here on out danny. hey, it's all about being a minority anyway and the MINORITY of the US approves of him right now anyway. so it makes sense to support him. cuz these colors don't run, love it or leave it!
the bean