Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fall is upon us.

Here is a picture from my ride in Nederland last Friday afternoon. It started getting cold finally today. I had a class this morning, but made it home with plenty of time to drink coffee and check my eBay stuff at least 500 times to see if the price had gone up before Scott got here at noon. We screwed around on my computer for a good half hour before we actually headed out on our ride. Scott informed me that the wind was blowing about 10 mph out of the north, but once we got into the country it didn't take long to realize Scott was being a bit optimistic. After mashing granny gears into the wind at 17kph for what seemed like forever, we headed east where I proceded to put the wood to Scott and made him work a little. Once we turned to the south things got real interesting real quick. Evidently we are both capable of catching a little wind because before long we were cruising along at 65kph. I think the tailwind had a little to do with it, but it felt cool. Scott came around me and I had nothing since I was already spinning my 53x12 with all I had. We sat up and spun into Greeley on 18th before making the typical tour of bike shops in town.

I had class tonight and it was as boring as it could possibly have been. Tomorrow is class, a physical, possibly a mountain or cross ride, then more class at 5:15. I kinda like the cold, but I'm going to have to turn my heater on soon. It was freezing in here when I woke up this morning and that makes it really hard to get out of bed. My eBay stuff did sell tonight and I got good money for most of it. A handlebar that I almost threw out when I moved sold for 46 dollars so I can't complain there. Hopefully I got enough to pay for my new cross gear and entries for the rest of the fall. I'm having some trouble finding a 42t chainring so if anyone has any idea where I could get one that would be awesome. (Scott, I know you have one, maybe I could borrow it for a weekened? there could be an incentive involved). I'll leave you with something that kept Scott and I off our bikes for a half hour. It's only a few seconds long but I think I could watch it all day.

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Anonymous said...

the 42t is yours for sunday I'll call you today to square away the incentive ;)