Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Alright, I'm back. After much pleading from the 3 people that actually check this site, I decided it was time to get back on the horse. This weekend kicked off the collegiate mountain bike season after 10 months of hiatus. The Beaver Meadows short track (and the infamous rock jump) have become one of the many signs of fall for a select few of us here at UNC. I headed up to Red Feather Lakes Saturday morning with my good buddy Justin knowing the race was going to hurt... bad... and probably be a pretty embarassing event overall. I also knew that getting completely worked was the only way to dive into the racing season. I'd made a plan with Scott (who also made the trip to see my puke face) that I'd get the whole shot, and be the first to jump the rock on the right of the traditional mud puddle. The whole shot when as planned, well lets just say I'd moved into first by the rock. I tried to get some air over it, but since my eyes were already crossed and the black spots were starting to appear I don't think I actually got that much. I slowly drifted back during the next 2 or 3 laps and watched Ft. Lewis rider after Ft. Lewis rider pass me before I finally settled into 6th or 7th. I finished right there after holding off another late surging pair from Ft. Lewis. Overall I can't complain, although I'd rather not be tasting blood on the second lap, and it would be nice to be competitive like I've been there in the past. Oh well, thats what a summer of laziness and gluttony will do for you. Nicky was there to congratulate me at the finish which was awesome since she's one of my biggest role models in the cycling world.

After the race Justin and I rode one of my favorite rides around the Ft. Collins area, "A" trail up to Shoreline, and down Micheod, I think I spelled that wrong, but it doesn't matter since I totally missed the trail and we ended up coming down some new ultra knarly, steep, rocky, switchback descent that dropped us down behind some water plant. It was a really fun ride, truly Coloradorific as Justin said. It did get a little hot, but Justin was sure to show me proper "cool off" technique.

Well, I should try and keep this short so maybe I'll end up hitting this two days in a row. If anyone actually reads this leave a comment and let me know who you are and what you're up to. Thanks for coming down this weekend Justin, I had a lot of fun, and thanks to Scott and Nicky for making the trip up to watch me get throttled.

I wonder if my new tire came in yet, and if it did, I wonder if Scott wants to MTB today?


Anonymous said...

i almost didnt check your page today...after all i have checked it daily for the last few months to no avail. i am glad to see you updated...congrats on the beaver, i do believe that was our first race together...we survived the weekend on dogs and tarts...solid

i am also glad that i made your links...although i wish you wouldnt call me an asshole, it hurts my feelings.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call you an asshole if you didn't act like one, but with that in mind I'll be sure and change it as to not hurt anyone's feelings.


Anonymous said...

i guess there is some issues i was unaware of...just take me off your links, i dont want to be on there if youre gonna make me look like an idiot


Corey Carlson said...

pretty sure you did that to yourself


Anonymous said...

corey i don't want to mountain bike, but i want to drink margs...nice to see you back
ps ray read your blog too, he just didn't comment

Anonymous said...

This is Pat Kennedy from Pat Kennedy's Choppers. Just wanted to say the site looks great and I have your custom Blues Clues chopper on the way. It's rad. And who's that Justin kid, he has a tight ass.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya back on the horse corey. I will get those pics from the weekend to ya once I get my computer up and running.