Monday, September 26, 2005

Cross photo shoot

I went for a little cross ride and Scott managed to come along and get some photos and videos. It was pretty funny and we even got made fun of by some passing students. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for riding bikes in spandex and running up and down hills on a community college campus. Tonight Scott took me to the Rio, then we watched Nuggets cheerleader tryouts and Laguna Beach. That's the excitement in my life for now. Oh yeah, that calling card only lasted 36 minutes. 27 cents per minute, still beats the ones from the store I guess?

Thanks for reading, sorry this is lame but I warned you, it does say Boring at the top.



mikael said...

I didn'w know cyclist actually ran.

Anonymous said...

Thnkas for the stop by on my site, i do remember you. its really cold here


Anonymous said...

hi corey
i had fun eating fajitas and watching the nuggets cheerleading video....go Nicole oh yeah sorry I had to ruin your night a tell you Laguna Beach is set up. I might feel like fajitas're up

Anonymous said...

Those kids were probably laughing at your small traps. Thanks for ruining my dreams of intergalactic cycling.


Anonymous said...

you should post more pics of you crossin cause you look pro.


Anonymous said...

look at the buns on that, yeah be must ride cross.
~Lloyd and Harry