Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lazy day.

I took it pretty easy this morning, I woke up with a headache and still have it a little bit. It feels like a matter of hydration, but I've been chugging water all day and it doesn't seem to get better. Maybe it's all the pressure I'm under lately? Anyway, I still managed to make it to my first cross ride which turned out to be a lot of fun. Things started off badly with my pump falling off my bike on my way across town and the jerk in the car running it over. I mean this guy was a couple hundred yards behind me when it fell, he saw me stop and turn around, yet he didn't feel it necessary to slow down, or even swerve a little to one side or another. No, this guy thought he'd run right over the head of the pump which broke the head off the body. Oh well, I got the pump for free from my good buddy Scooter because it was dirty. It still sucks cause I like having a frame pump, maybe I'll buy a new one since I supposedly have a job at a shop (although lately it really feels like I don't have a job anymore, maybe I'll get called to work more often if I buy some Buckethead CD's and work on being cooler). Anyway, the ride was fun, although the course is full of Greeley Goatheads, so I think I'll be running TR tubes, Goo, and liners next time I ride there.

Wow, I was watching Law and Order when I started writing this and kind've spaced out to what was going on. I just heard some commotion so I looked to see what was happening and there were fireballs, a goblin creature, and a pig with a man's head. I hope Law and Order is over or else McCoy is going to have a very hard time prosecuting this case. I've been watching L & O about non-stop lately. I'm not sure what's so addicting about it, but it is. Cigarettes have a Surgeon General's warning on the label, I wonder how long it will be before things like L & O, or Super Mario Bros. 1 will have a warning written by the "Dean of Students General" warning us about the detrimental affects these products will have on our school work? I know it sounds crazy, but if the first time I watched L & O, there was a clause that said, within a week or two you'll be watching two epidsodes a day at an hour an episode rather than studying like you should be, I probably would have thought twice about watching that first episode. Oh well it'll never happen, but remember, when midterm grades are posted, its not my fault, I wasn't warned of the effects. Maybe I'll sue TNT, they could televise the whole thing because it could be high drama, and we're all aware that "they know drama."

Wow, now there are disapearing people and spells and stuff on the TV. I think it's time to turn it off and write my SWOT report for class tomorrow morning. I'm not so sure this business thing is for me yet, but I guess I still have the rest of the semester to decide if I like it or not.

Remember, as they say on this fine show, "We can't ask the leprechauns and trolls for help anymore. Yeah, but we CAN ask the bats."


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Anonymous said...

Solid post! I was laughing pretty hard. Hopefully that guy that ran over your pump will get some really bad karma. What an ass.