Thursday, July 21, 2005

Steve spilled the lotion!

Uh Oh
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Hey, so much for two updates in a row, and guess what, the next one is already a few days out. Oh well.

I've been busy moving the past few days so I haven't found time to update, although in the process of stalling I've found time to do about everything else I can think of. I've realized this week, that I have a lot of trouble accomplishing goals when I'm not under a strict timeline. I started moving on Monday I think and now on Thursday I still have a load or two left. Oh well, there is no rush so I guess I'm not going to rush. My new apartment is pretty cool and I started setting up the bike room tonight so I'm pretty excited about that. I'll be sure and get an entire photo album up once I get all moved in. I'm thinking about building a bedroom set and some stuff for the living room. Until I figure all that out it's going to seem pretty empty. Nothing else really exciting happening that I'm allowed to talk about just yet, but I'll have a very interesting update for you next week. Stay tuned.


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im back.


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