Friday, May 04, 2007

Inner Loop Road Race update

Race went well today. I saw two Rio Grande guys attack at the first sprint, and decided it was the move to go with. I jumped across, as well as a few other people, and we rolled together from there. I felt like crap all day, my legs were just tired, but I tried to help as much as I could, and only skipped a few pulls all day. I got popped out of the group around Hanover on the profile, about 5 miles from the finish. I should have shot way up in the GC, I'll update as soon as I see results.


Anonymous said...

Dear Corey,
We hope you come in top ten! We hope you have a good time at your race. Your tent looks good. We hope you have a good meal.
Your friends,
Arjun and Akshay and Lauren

p.s. I am learning to ride without training wheels!
from Akshay

cosmomasturpolitan said...


Yesterday you were one of the last riders at the Gila to update on the blogosphere. Dan Schmatz, Joey Thompson, Phil Zajicek, Whitey Debroux, Brian Kendall, Eric Kenney, Berger Ross, and a whole collection of others updated before you even pulled out your BlackBerry and sent disparaging emails.

I am proud to note, though, that today you're the overall winner. We're just getting reports now from Joey Thompson and Dan Schmatz, while your blog was updated hours ago. We the faithful admire your dedication. Keep up the good work, on and off the race course.

P.s. Tha Milkshake isn't having such a good race in the 3's, eh?