Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good News.

I found my camera cord, so if you check back this afternoon, I should have some pictures up. So far I've found that I've forgotten: an extension cord, can opener, rags, sharp knife, cutting board or plate, and most importantly, my headlamp. Oh well, I've made it a day, I'm sure I'll make it a few more.

Yesterday I rode the TT course, it's the same as last year. My legs were definitely feeling the long drive, but I'm hoping they'll feel better today. Today I'm going to pick up my race stuff around noon, then ride the TT course again around the same time as my start for tomorrow. I'm hoping that'll give me some sort of indicator as to what the wind will be doing for the race.

Other people are getting here now too. Ethan and Dawn from Crested Butte are here again, so it's nice to see them. There is another guy with them this year, his name is R.B., and once again we're blessed with a race volunteer. Last year there was a kid that rode on the back of the support moto, this year the new guy will be driving the Cat. 4,5 follow car. Why is it that people who drive across the country to volunteer at a race always seem to be strange?

That's all for now, thanks for checking in. Pictures coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your fans need pictures. Please post some pictures.