Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Home finally.

I made it home last night, just after 8:00. I'm only home until Thursday morning, but my own shower and bed felt amazing last night.

The Gila was a success I suppose. I was struggling a little with confidence going into it, but it's nice to find out that I'm ahead of where I was last year, and that I can at least hang with the folks in my category. I found one picture from the week, hopefully more will come through with time.

This is of Stage 4, the crit in downtown Silver City. In the front is Allen Krughoff from Rio Grande, next is Brad White (Einstein's) who went on to have an absolutely amazing ride on Sunday, taking close to four minutes out of the field, and finishing the tour same time on G.C. as Taylor Phinney. After 5 hard days of racing, it didn't even come down to seconds, they had to resort to stage placings and Brad's winning the crit and final stage put him in pink. He looked pretty happy riding back to Silver City with a new pink jersey on.

I'm off the bike this week, which I think will be good. I went for a run this morning, but somehow forgot that unlike riding, you can't slam a cup of espresso, and eat a breakfast right before you head out the door to run. I almost made a mess of myself, but made it home just in time.

Thursday morning I head out to go to Collegiate Nationals in Lawrence, Kansas. I think it'll be a fun trip, and the way some of the guys rode this weekend, I think we have a good chance of some good rides there. That's all for now, thanks for checking in, and I'll post more pictures as I find them. If you know where any are, please let me know as I'm quite vain.


mikael said...

Nice job at the race. Way to keep us readers update on how things went. I enjoyed all of it. Good luck after resting this week.

Anonymous said...

good work corey...you are definitely talented on a bicycle..the line about messing yourself while running was damn hilarious.
ps-nice wheels :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you!
I don't get the part about "messing yourself" though. Nice outfit.

Anonymous said...

You must make your mother proud!

Evan's life said...

nice work dude, have fun at Nats it should be fun!
-E strong

cosmomasturpolitan said...

I like how you're not riding in the echelon. You know what allows you to do that and not waste your watts and blow up? That's right -- deep dish hoops and aero spokes. Welcome to the reduced drag club.

We should totally high-five next time we meet. In fact, I think we should cant our hands on the upswing, like oarsmen do with their paddles, to acknowledge our slipstreamed status. Plus it'd save time.

Boups said...

As a former runner, I can relate to the short stride shuffle... ended plenty of runs clothed in the shower with my shorts inside out around my ankles. It's not your fault. I once did a running workout with some other pros... our cooldown took us down a trail, one of the guys screamed mid run... he had stepped in a pile of human feces (covered with a thin veil of tp). You made it bro!

Excited to hear that you're doing so well. Good luck at collegiate nationals.

I'm looking forward to joining you in the Pro-1/2s in cross this season.

Keep rockin!