Friday, March 23, 2007

Picture of CU Crit.

This was taken a lap or two before I got blown off the back of this group.

This week so far has been great. As many of you know, it was my birthday on Tuesday. I had a spectacular ride on a spectacular day, then finished the night off celebrating with a few people I work with both at the bike shop, then at the Rio. I spent the whole day Wednesday working and wishing I hadn't celebrated quite so much. I was supposed to serve a wedding rehearsal dinner at 7:00 at the Rio, so I hung out from 5-7, got everything ready, then they didn't show up, so finally at 8 I took everything down, and hoped for a least a few tables to make my night worthwhile, but ended up getting sent home. Oh well, I watched the Avs game for 3 bucks an hour, and they got their wedding cursed with karma like that.

Yesterday I got in a solid 3 hours or more with my friend Brian. We did a lot of tempo and cadence work. It felt good to stress the legs a little, although by the end, Brian was a little upset with the loose gravel and I don't think he'll be riding with my again any time soon. I think I'm going to do openers on the mountain bike today. I've been severely neglecting that bike lately. I don't know why I don't ride it more. I have a blast every time that I get on it, and the trails should be in good shape with all the nice weather we've had lately.

I got one of my best birthday presents this year off of Jon Tarkington's blog this morning. Jon (third wheel in the photo above) is a rider that I respect as much as anyone in Colorado, so it's huge compliment to hear him say nice things about myself.

Well, it's time for me to go ride, I've been putting this off too long. Thanks for checking in.


mikael said...

Hey good luck this weekend maybe I will see you around on Sunday at the Oval.

Anonymous said...

wow, i remember when i looked up to johnny t when he raced for v cottage....its pretty cool he sung your name.