Sunday, March 18, 2007

CU Race Weekend.

I rode like an idiot yesterday, and according to my power file, apparently couldn't push my pedals that hard on top of turning my brain off.

I felt like I made up for it a little bit today with an 8th place in the road race. The break went and I didn't go with it for a change. I did however get into a good chase with Jon Baker (Vitamin Cottage) and Stefano Barberi (Toyota - United Pro). We chased hard for a lap and a half, then just kept it steady absorbing Jon Tarkington (Vitamin Cottage) and later Blake Caldwell (Slipstream) as the came out of the break. In the finish Baker attacked a few kilometers from the line, and the acceleration popped Caldwell. I tried to jump up to Baker on the climb through the feed zone, but only managed to give Tarkington a good leadout up the hill. It turned out alright I suppose, and I picked up a few more upgrade points which is good.

I'm exhausted and there is some parody show on the Discovery Channel hosted by Mike Rowe. I think I'll go watch it and fall asleep. Thanks for checking in.

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