Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy Week.

Monday I worked in the a.m. at the Rio, took a hand washing class in the afternoon, then finally got to sleep a little.

Tuesday I worked all day at the bike shop, then headed down to Denver for a Campagnolo Technical Seminar. I was thinking there would be cool stuff to play with, but I was wrong, it was a PowerPoint presentation with a room full of bike geeks, myself included.

Today/Wednesday I get to ride my bike! Then I have a CPR/First Aid course in Ft. Collins from 6-10:30

Thursday I'll ride in the a.m. then work in the afternoon at the Rio

Friday I work 8-10 a.m. at the Rio, ride in the afternoon, and get ready for the weekend.

Saturday I go to the Lookout Mountain Time Trial all morning, blast over to Boulder/Superior for the famed Koppenburg circuit race.

Sunday brings a crit in Golden, then skills clinic at Campus Cycles in Denver.

A break on Monday would be nice, but I'll be working a double at the Rio!

I'm not complaining, I like having stuff going on, it makes my life feel worthwhile, but sometimes I just want to lay on the couch for a day. Oh well, I guess keeping active is a good thing if I want to be a bike racer, right? Well, I'm going to go pedal my bike around a little. I'm glad this week is a rest week. Hope you're all doing well, yeah Mom, I know you're doing well, you can stop rubbing it in anytime. (My parents are just finishing up their second week of Hawaiian vacation. Can't wait until I turn 50 and get to sit on the beach in paradise for a few weeks.) Thanks for checking in.


mikael said...

The Koppenberg race is held on Sunday not saturday.

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Here is your cashless society for you.