Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I didn't have class today since we are rotating through field trip groups for three wednesdays (last week, this week, and I get to go next week). So, instead of class, I managed to score about 2 hours of motorpacing with Mr. Mike Feighny at the wheel/handlebar and Scott and I riding in tow.

I thought racing was hard, but I guess that's just because I've never done a motorpaced workout before. I was so waxed after 2 hours that I was ready to lay down in the ditch, but we still had the brutal climb up to pinewood reservoir. This is typically a sub 20 minute climb, but I'd be blown away if I did it in under 30 or 35 today. The last couple miles were straight deathmarch, trying to get the pedals around, and searching for watts everywhere I could. I stood, sat, slid back on the saddle, slid forward, pulled hard on the bars, leaned over, sat straight up, and after all my searching, I realized all the watts I was looking for were pasted on the road about 30 kilometers behind me.

To add a happy ending to a long hard day, Mike met back up with us on his real motorcycle and bought a round of americano's for the three of us. I guess it's only a 7 and a half minute climb when you've got a hundred horsepower underneath you.

Now it's suppertime, I'll get some photos of the ride up later.


jwilliamson said...

The one link everyone must see, including you crlsn.

Prospect SD

P.S. sell me a 9-2-5

mikael said...

Tear the dirt up tomarrow and keep up the motor pacing.