Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Dum.

I rode pretty dumb today. My legs felt like crap at the start, but I chased down one move early on, and they seemed to open up, and started feeling pretty good. There was a CSU kid up the road just a little bit, and I saw an FLC kid jump across. I knew that FLC had brought their "A" team this weekend, and I thought I recognized the kid that went across as one of their strongmen. I decided it must be "the" move, so I went across, bringing one more of their guys with. Turns out it wasn't the kid I thought it was, and we still had 44 minutes to go. I figured I should probably roll with it, since we had a decent gap, and about 20 minutes later 5 more guys came across. I finished last out of the break, because I was stupid. Oh well. Live and learn. That's all, Grey's Anatomy is on soon, so I'd better go.

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