Saturday, April 15, 2006


Ilm writing on my teammates crackberry so ilm not gonna write much. The races went ok today. The ttt was interesting but I rode alright in the uphill tt. I was hoping to feel. A little stronger than I did but I think I still posted a decent time. We'll see how the results come back tomorrow. Tonight I went out for sushi with JARED, a kid I know on the flc team. I think everyone had a good time and the food was awesome. His girlfriend came with and we got hooked up since she works there. Now it looks like we'll be watching the wedding singer with legs up trying to get some snap back for tomorrow. There is some elitism dividing the team right now which is causing some tension but I can honestly say I have nothing to do with it. Anyway hopefully we can all get along tomorrow and hopefully everyone has a good road race. That's all for now. I saw Tommy d tractoring the rmcf ttt this morning and it was insane. I'm pretty sure they were gonna post the fastest time and I doubt anyone else even pulled through. Wish me luck for tomorrow maybe I'll update when I get home tomorrow night. By the way I,m looking for a fifty five or fifty six tooth chainring for the Gila so if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one let me know. Thanks for reading and sorry for the poor writing I know it's unlike me.


Anonymous said...

corey, i usually hold you to a higher standard when blogging...but i understand...the ol' elite is coming out huh? how so, i would love to hear...funny shit...good luck tomorrow...i know you can.


Anonymous said...

eliteism on the UNC Cycling way