Saturday, April 08, 2006

Boulder Roubaix

I won the Cat. 3 Boulder Roubaix today. I think this might be my biggest win yet, and it felt pretty good. Tomorrow is a collegiate crit in Golden, then possibly a Cat. 3 crit in the afternoon. We'll just have to see how the legs are going by tomorrow afternoon, judging by the way they feel right now, I'll only be doing 1 race tomorrow. Maybe I'll stick around and climb Lookout Mountain. I hear Tommy D set a new record up it today. I guess I'm not at all surprised, I just wish I could have seen it.

That is the rock I won at Roubaix. It'll have to do until I win a cobble I guess (It'll probably have to do forever then).

Dehydrated anyone?


Anonymous said...

good job today man congrats
PS I met tommy d today

Mikael said...

Wow, lets just call you the man on the dirt!

jwilliamson said...

nice white shorts corey!!

Anonymous said...

solid win, im proud. i only wish that photo showed a "little" bit more..ha.

good seeing ya today.


Anonymous said...

cocky anyone?