Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What I've learned in the past few weeks.

#1 People will pay INSANE amounts for things that say Lance Armstrong or U.S. Postal on them.

#2 The name "Leonard" is best said with a gravely old woman voice, and even better when followed by, "dinner's ready."

#3 A knife can be hours and hours of fun.

#4 Expect to get wierd looks if you try on a camo hat and start yelling like a drill sergeant in a clothing store.

#5 "Then" and "Than" are two different words used in totally different situations.

#6 When thrown in the air, a shoe can be caught on the end of a knife, therefore creating a "Shoeshkabob"

#7 There is a way to anatomically alter your finger to more efficiently use a remote.

#8 It costs a lot to ship a frame to Australia.

#9 Mixed signals are hard to read, because they are unclear.

#10 Jason never deserved L.C.

#11 Cat. is short for Category.

#12 Even so called "broke" people find ways to buy new bikes.

#13 The men selling cell phones in malls don't want to be my friend, no matter how friendly they may seem.

#14 Even Cottage's made of Wattage can burn down on occaision.

#15 When you ask if you can see a particular shoe in a particular size, don't be startled if the clerk at a shoestore says "maybe" and walks away.

#16 If you see some free juice, but don't want to drink it because it's green and opaque, like the color of grass, trust your intuition.

#17 Never trust a man that's 6'3", has lots of tattoos, yet gets so giddy he jumps up and down if he gets a new sticker.

#18 My mountain bike looks awesome with 700c wheels.

#19 The future is made of virtual insanity.

#20 Occaision is spelled "occasion."


Anonymous said...

its the holidays, credit limits are being raised everywhere....
the wattage cottage

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...nice scott.
I agree with you on #10, #12, #13, and #16 (unless it's wheat grass, yum) and I have to add #20 "occaision" is spelled o-c-c-a-s-i-o-n.
ps-i didn't kill any innocent animals.

Anonymous said...

#11 I figured that out while I was running this morning because I was thinking of random things. Once again that took me way to long. Oh well, at least I had the right concept. #17 sounds like an interesting story. Funny stuff man.


Corey Carlson said...

Holy cow,

Merriam herself has been cracked!

Anonymous said...

20. Nice boys go to Michael's to buy crafts for their mothers--no matter how much they don't want to!

Corey Carlson said...

#21 If I ever need anything in SFSD someone who lives there owes me