Friday, November 04, 2005

Congrats to me.

My frame sold last night. I couldn't believe it. I woke up hoping to get at least 300 dollars for it. As the day went on the bid hit 300 and kept on rolling. The auction ended around 8 pm, and at 7 the bid was 369. I was super pumped that there was a chance it would hit 400. Within the last 15 minutes I just kept hitting the refresh button and the bid just kept growing. There was a heated bidding war going on between at least 3 people. When the auction ended and the dust settled, some guy from Tasmania, Australia was the proud new owner of this fine Trek OCLV 120 frame for the bargain price of $512.21. I couldn't believe it. It got better when the guy told me he wanted my old Cane Creek S2 for an additional $15. I guess my new bike is almost paid off. It's pretty cool to be able to trade a 3 year old frame for a brand new one. My Chris King headset went for $82 which is about what I expected it to be. I'm off to work now, I'm going in a little early to get my new frame all squared away and clean up my cross bike for this weekends activitys. I'll be sure and get some pics up after tomorrow's race. Wish me luck.

Here is a picture of my soigneur in action. You can see him in the mock turtleneck right behind the FDNY lady.


Anonymous said...

wow I look good

Anonymous said...

you look funny...