Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Still no freeking car

My Two Favorite Ladies
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Here's a picture of just another cookie cutter SoDak sunset. This picture also has the added bonus of two of my favorite ladies, thats my little sis Mattie on the left and my lovely mother Terri on the right.

I woke up this morning with high hopes for the day. I was going to go to class, get my car back, go on the group ride, head to work, then stay after for the Rio Grande Trivia Contest. All went as planned until the moron from the car place left me a message that my car wouldn't be done until afternoon. No problem right? I have class in the a.m. anyway. So I get out of class, eat a little and call the guy at 1, still time to get the car and make the 2 o'clock group ride. Well Slacky McSlackerton happened to be on lunch when I called but I was assured he'd call right back. He finally did call back and was generous enough to offer me a loaner for the night since there were a couple clips he was waiting on and they wouldn't be in until the morning. The biggest problem was, he didn't call me back until 4:45! I was already on my bike late for work (after skipping the ride to wait for his call) and this joker is telling me to stop by and get a loaner car for the night? Maybe he could have offered that loaner two weeks ago when he told me my car would be done on the 15th of February. So word is the car will be done tomorrow after the clips get in, he'll probably have to re-order them 4 times like he did the decklid though so I'm not counting on getting the car until June. Enough of my sob story, I'm sure Chap's gonna give me a hard time for writing a negative update again, and I did manage to get a good nap while I watched Star Jones's Oscar special on E!. I hadn't realized that Kate Winslet has an accent, I might have a new crush? We'll just have to see who reads this and calls first, Kate or Beyonce. Tomorrow I have an examen en mi clase de espanol. Voy a estudiar mucho hoy porque quiero recibir una "a". Thanks for stopping by.

Just a side note for Kate or Beyonce, my contact info is all listed under my complete profile, or just leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you.


Anonymous said...

wow, man--your mom is gonna love that compliment! does she ever even read your entries?! cute dog, too!

Anonymous said...

thats a great picture. your mom's dog is real cool. i wish i had a dog like that...