Thursday, March 17, 2005

I guess I'm getting lazy

Can't believe that it has been a week since I've updated. I'm sure some of you were getting pretty upset not having my happenings greet you when you turn on your computer in the morning, then again I'm sure some of you could really care less. Probably more of you fall into the latter category, but you're reading this and I'm definitely not making you, that must mean something.

Alright, enough rambling. My parents came last Wednesday afternoon and I picked them up from the airport without incident. I always feel good about myself when I can do them a favor like pick them up and drive them around, even if they are visiting me, it's just a good feeling knowing that for once I'm showing them around. Unfortunately my little Subaru that I thought would just run until the wheels fell off decided it's time for a new motor. On the way to and from the airport I noticed a little ticking, my dad also noticed it so we stopped at the Subaru dealer on our way into town. Turns out it was the main bearing and its new motor time. It really was a mood killer, but after we all got over it, we met up with Jordan who was nice enough to offer her car for the evening, then after some fajitas and quesadillas at the Rio we headed back down to Denver to see Pat Metheny. He's an amazing jazz guitarist and the concert was awesome. I don't think Jordan was really as impressed, but this is the music I grew up hearing on car trips, nothing like some sass jazz to spark memories of being with my dad.

The rest of the week was spent touring Greeley. We toured book stores and bike shops, hung out at my apartment, then on Friday we headed down to Denver to spend some time at Cherry Creek mall, and see some of the sights before my mom flew out Saturday a.m. I got to spend all of Saturday with my dad which was a lot of fun. It seems like its been forever since we just hung out and relaxed together. Not that I don't enjoy pouring cement or stacking block with him, but it was just fun to hang out and shoot the breeze. We spent a few hours at the REI flagship store, walked around the 16th street mall, ate at a little pub type restaurant and drove Lookout Mountaing before making one last stop at Chili's on our way back to the airport.

After they left my apartment seemed pretty empty, for a while, but I'm used to being alone here again. I finished training to wait and worked my first shift last night. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a very good waiter right now, but hopefully that will be changing in the next week or two. I have another shift tomorrow night, we'll see how that goes. I made another bolo tie out of a pop can that is pretty cool, not sure if I'll unveil it quite yet.

I worked at Steve's today before heading to Boulder to get my newest Rocky Mounts stuff. It seems like they just keep giving and giving. Hopefully I can ride fast enough to make them feel like they got their money's worth out of me. I got a couple awesome pairs of shoes, more gu, and some gu2o drink stuff, as well as a couple bottles, and another team kit.

I apologize that I just wrote that much, I really can't believe I did. I must be bored from Spring Break. School better start back up before I go nuts.


stever said...

Nice to have you back! Keep up the posts I've been lonely with out them!

Anonymous said...

good to have you back partner.


Anonymous said...

You son of a bitch, how are you?
Quoting Arnold Schwarzenegar (however you spell it).

Glad to hear it was a good weekend with the rents. Can't beat the Metheny. Honestly, his sass jazz is supreme. Brilliant guitar work.

Keep up the posts. The K. M. Aanning dropped out of wash U for the semester. Give him a word. Later.

Anonymous said...

great that you had such a good time with your dad!