Monday, June 11, 2007

5th at Fort Collins Crit.

Yesterday went pretty well. I was active in the early breaks, winning two primes, one for a case of beer, and one for a dvd player. After a while it became apparent that the break wasn't going early, and I was feeling less than olympic, so I sat back and tried to get my legs back under me. With 15 minutes to go or so, I made the split, which turned into the winning break. With two corners to go I was in perfect position, but got too hesitant when Alan McCormack (Vitamin Cottage) and Allen Krughoff (Rio Grande) both dove hard into the corner, one on the inside and one on the outside. I touched my brakes, just for a split second, but it was all over. I held onto 5th, so I at least made my entry back. Overall it was a great race and a great course. Maybe I'll start putting pictures on here again soon. Thanks for checking in.


Ginger # 1 said...

Ya man nice job that was a sweet race to watch. You did great, see ya soon

Anonymous said...

Could we get some pictures?