Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pictures from Red Rocks #4.

Well, I'm sixth overall in the American Cycling Association Best All Around Cyclocrosser category going into the State Championships on Saturday. Hopefully I can hold onto that. There is a good chance I'll slip a spot or two, since some of the faster guys will be there, but we'll see. It's looking like it could be muddy, which might suck, or be fun, I still haven't decided.

I just got my first two Christmas presents of the year today. The Roubaix Bicycle Company gave me a 10speed Ultegra group, and my brother gave me some boots. I'm wearing the boots right now, thinking about the 10sp stuff. I was reminded today how much I like Christmas!

Wednesday I rode on campus at the football practice fields, so I could do a longer run up. The lap I made up sucked, and I've really lost motivation training now that everyone has moved on to base. Since I only got in 20 minutes of mediocre effort, I headed out for a run in the afternoon. I'm feeling more powerful running which should be good for Rhode Island if it's muddy like last year. Other than that, nothing too cool happening. Finals are next week, so this weekend will be all studying, after the race on Saturday that is. Right now I need to go take a movie back to the library, get my Surly ready for Saturday in case it's muddy, and write a recap of an Earth Science lecture on the Badlands of South Dakota.

Right after the single barrier.

Going up the STEEP little run.

Coming down the STEEP little run. I guess some guys rode this, but I still think it was faster and safer to run.

One of the frozen trails you could actually get some speed on, that is if you could absorb the bumps.

That course was fun, but it's too bad the photographer didn't get any bunny hopping pictures. Maybe there will be something I can hop this weekend? I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Keep CHRIST in Christmas Corey...

cosmomasturpolitan said...

This 360 degree view is pretty awesome. I don't know if it is the church we learned about in class, though.

Anonymous said...

hey, where are you racing in RI? as you know, i have fam there you may be able to board with.