Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good to be home, for just over 24 hours.

We made it home yesterday afternoon, and now I'm packing to beat a storm through the midwest. I want to get home before the weekend, so it looks like I'll be driving through the night and out of my way to get there.

Yesterday's travel was good, although I was a little under the weather after a weekend of racing and more importantly the Crank Brothers Aftermath post race party. The race on Sunday was good, a lot better than Saturday and somehow I ended up 15th. I was hanging with a group that could've put me into the top ten, but I lost contact on the last couple of laps. I finished strong and am happy with the way my season ended. The after party was a blast. There was a huge crowd that included, a few national champions (including a really tall one, and Dave Towle tearing apart the dance floor.

That's all I've got for now, check back for more later.


Anonymous said...

Great job this year Corey, you make things a lot more fun when you're around!


Anonymous said...


Puke Face!

Anonymous said...

dude, you made big league. i love to see DT signing your blog, huge.


Greg said...


I am JUST reading this now! CONGRATS!! That is frigging RAD to hear! That result shows your class and grit. Good on ya! 8 more months till cross season...