Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rocky Mounts - Izze Crit.

I just got home from Louisville where I received the beating of my life. I guess it wasn't that bad, I just rode like an idiot. Hopefully I'll be a little smarter next time I pin on a number which may or may not be tomorrow. The break went today off the line and just kept getting fed by riders bridging across. I rode like a dork, and managed to work just hard enough that everytime I would look over my shoulder to see who was going to pull through, someone would attack, and I couldn't hold their wheel. I finished in the group, but the lead break lapped us with 15 or 20 minutes to go. There was one more group up the road I guess, however, I had no idea of the race situation until it was all over. It was a bit of a mess for a while. I attacked on the climb with 2.5 laps to go, and got swarmed with 200m to go. If I could have held it I guess I would have been top 20 or so, but I don't even know my placing right now.

On a brighter note, I was treated to a little shout out on Dave Towle's website. Check it out if you'd like. It's awesome that he gets to do so many big races this summer, but it's a little bittersweet since that means we don't get to see him around the front range so much. Oh well, hopefully he'll be back in town by cross season?

That's it for now, thanks for checking in. There might be some pictures from today's race on Peloton, check it out.


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Dear Diary:
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Pothole can also be the sport of exploring vertical caves as a synonym of caving

The city of Los Angeles is famous for its large potholes.
A pothole (sometimes called kettle and known in parts of the Western United States as a chuckhole) is a type of disruption in the surface of a roadway where a portion of the road material has broken away, leaving a hole. Most potholes are formed due to fatigue of the pavement surface. As fatigue cracks develop they typically interlock in a pattern known as "alligator cracking". The chunks of pavement between fatigue cracks are worked loose and may be eventually be picked out of the surface by continued wheel loads, thus forming a pothole. Once a pothole forms, it grows through continued removal of broken chunks of pavement. If a pothole fills with water the growth may be accelerated, as the water 'washes away' loose particles of road surface as vehicles pass. In temperate climates, potholes tend to form most often during spring months when the subgrade is weak due to high moisture content. However, potholes are a frequent occurrence anywhere in the world, including in the tropics.
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There is also a geological formation known as a pothole, which is essentially an unusual form of cave.
There is also a formation in rivers called a pothole caused by a whirlpool eroding a hole into rock. The process is called abbrasion and is mainly caused by circular motion of small sediments such as little rocks in the river. The interiors of the potholes are smooth and regular, unlike its 'cousin", plunge pool.

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if DT had a comment section id say, i used to live with corey carlson.