Sunday, June 11, 2006

Makin' the big money.

So yesterday after my miserable showing in the State TT, I decided to head to Roma's and have a beer with Evan and Dana. I was riding by my mail box, and happened to look inside, only to find a check from the Iron Horse for 125 bucks. We figured out that between Rocky Mounts and UNC paying for entry fees, I've started 24 races this year, and I'm up 95 bucks from prize money! After today it'll only be 65, and next weekend should wipe it out, but it feels kinda cool to know that technically, I've raced for free all year. Anyway, I'm done floating my own boat. Time to go get worked over again in FTC. Rumor has it, 90 minutes on a 1km lap! Fun fun!

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