Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Morning Update.

Check out Brian at the CSU Oval. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I had a good ride in the mountains yesterday, ended up being around 4.5 hours. I didn't go too hard, just a lot of fun. I ended up running into Matt Koch up by the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, and rode with him for an hour or so. I didn't get home until late, but still managed to swing by Evan and Jason's for an officers meeting. I work today at noon which reminds me, I turned in my two weeks yesterday. Soon I'll be a Roubaix employee again. That's about all that's going on in my world.

I thought of a million things to write about on my ride yesterday, but I think I've forgotten them all. Oh yeah, the people up in the mountains are so nice. I filled my bottles up at 3 different places, and each time the people asked if they could put ice in my bottles. I stood around and drank a coke and talked to the owner of the Glen Haven General Store for a while. He was a super nice guy and was all fired up that I asked if he cared if I wore my speedplay cleats in his store. He said no one had ever asked before, in fact, some guy pulled his bike in the store that morning and when he told the guy he didn't need his bike in the store, the cyclist got all kinds of pissed and told the guy he didn't need anything from his store. It's people like him that make all of us cyclists look like jerks, so I apologized on behalf of the cycling community for the "bad apple."

Speaking of the Glen Haven General Store, many of you know about my little gas station cream cheese muffin fetish, well I stepped it up yesterday and now I'll have trouble going back. They had fresh, homemade, peaches and cream cheese muffins by the register, and it just might have been the best muffin I've tasted in my life. It tasted like a gas station muffin, only better, (same moisture content though) but in the middle was some peach pie filling and cream cheese. You could actually taste the creamy deliciousness of the cream cheese mixed into the pie filling. Ok, I need to stop. I kinda want to ride up and get one tomorrow. Maybe I will.

I also had a cup of coffee at the Estes Perk which is located just a half mile from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. The coffee was great, and the view from their deck was even better. Actually, it was while I was sitting there that I saw Matt ride by.

Moral of the story, I enjoyed my ride a lot yesterday and I look forward to getting into the mountains a lot more in the near future. The best part is that you can actually ride in the afternoon up there because it isn't 1,000 degrees. I need to shower and get my MTB prepped for a ride tonight. Thanks for checking in.


jwilliamson said...

Este Perk, get it! wow how witty!!!

j Dub

Mikael said...

I have also been trying to work on my climbing skills of late here at horsetooth. You going to be at promotory park this weekend?

Anonymous said...

i have noticed how much nicer people are in the mountains, its crazy. im ven nice in the mountains, crazy. i wonder why that is?


The Koch said...

The people may be nice, but living here sucks...Good to see ya.