Saturday, December 10, 2005

Full Day.

Well, today started earlier than I'd prefer any day to start, but I woke of feeling fresh and ready to go. I was pretty excited to get out for my first real pheasant hunt in a couple years. I went out a couple years ago, but didn't hit a thing. Today we hunted with a nice sized group, six people, and got into some great cover that has been protecting birds from the blizzards SoDak has been experiencing.

While the Wells brothers were out tearing legs off in Rhode Island, we were busy knocking birds out of the sky. I hit my first pheasant in at least 4 years. I think I only hit the one, and missed some pretty easy shots, but oh well. It was a gorgous day and I just enjoyed being out with the pup, my dad, and some friends.

Mattie was amazing all day. I can't believe how good she is already this being her first year. If she has one downfall it's that she's not overly energetic yet, and likes to hang back and follow behind people that are plowing their way through the thick stuff. I feel like I rode about 3 hours today after pushing through all the thick snow covered reeds. At one point I thought I might have to crawl out, of a little draw because the snow was so deep. I was walking along next to Mattie and fell through the snow up to my thigh/waist. I tried just pushing through it, but it was way too deep, so I climbed back up on top of the top hard crust, took 3 more steps, and fell through again. This went on for about 50 yards until I could get across to where I wanted to be.

My parents had a little dinner party tonight, so as soon as we got home, my dad and I had to start helping out. I cleaned the birds, he got to vacuum and stuff. Then after we ate, my parents and the guests ran off to the symphony. I was left with piles and piles of crap to put away, clean up, and dishes to wash. I think I got it all done, and it gave me something to do, so now I'm just gonna crash in the chair and watch Clueless.

Tomorrow morning Mattie and I take off to head up to my uncle Ralph's for an extended weekend of hunting. Hopefully she's got it in her. By the looks of things today really took it out of her. She acted like she wanted to play a minute ago, but fell asleep after nibbling at my hand for about 2 minutes. I suppose I should hit the sack, since tomorrow promises to be another full day with a 3 hour drive and some more hunting.

How bout Todd and Troy Wells both winning National Championships today? That's pretty awesome, I'm jealous that I'm not at a level where I could compete with guys like that. Maybe next year I should get a fake ID that says I'm 16. This year I still would've gotten smoked by Alex Coehlo so I guess it would have been pointless. Alright, I'm out for now. Hope you all had a grand weekend.


mikael said...

Atleast you had the best paint job for the bike frames in your cyclocross races.

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest dog in the world, I want one just because of that picture!


Tina said...

It's not a bad thing that you are the only one that leaves makes me feel special. Still in SD? You should come up to B-Town and live in the lap of luxury.


Anonymous said...

that picture is awesome. i wish you were in it too with your that would be bad ass. your dog is awesome too, how does your mom feel about her hunting?


Courtney said...

The Minnesotan in me says "Kill some stuff for me". Bring some back if you can...and I'm serious about that. Venison sausages or steaks, or some of that bird that your dog has in it's mouth. Have fun up there, ok, ya, you betcha.


Corey Carlson said...

my mom loves it and brags about her all the time.

mikael said...

I heard your still out there killing things, dont forget about killing competition in few months on the road.

Anonymous said...

still no update? what's going on with the world?