Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mi otra bicicleta nueva

Cross Bike
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Hey, it hasn't taken two weeks to get back this time. This week flew by once again, finals will be here all too soon and I'm not ready for them. I guess I've felt like the every semester I've been in school though. This picture is my new cross bike that I traded my MTB wheels for. It's a Surly Cross Check frame that was painted a chameleon? color. It's got this cool gadget that screws into the hub where the free hub is supposed to go and allows you to put a freewheel or fixed gear cog on it. It also has some awesome Race Face cranks that I just learned are prototypes that never made it into production. I've only had this bike a week or two, but I'm already in love with it, I know now why people get all gooned out about Surly.

I raced this morning in Boulder, well actually Superior. It was the Koppenburg Circuit Race, and although I would imagine the real Tour of Flanders is harder in Belgium, it can't be that much worse. I suffered all day. It was a really fast first mile on dirt to get to this 17% dirt climb that was really short, but 17% none the less. After that the race got really fast as the selection was made coming over the hill and the rest of the 110 person field was trying to chase back on. I chased really hard at this point all the way back to the start line where the dirt started again, but it was to no avail. The rest of the race was fast and hurt, but I felt good suffering on the bike for once. Maybe my racing legs are on their way back. I think thats all for now, maybe I'll get back to a daily update. Thanks for reading, and no you can't ride my bike.


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we told some people in rome about your site and they loved it. you are global now.
ps. They said it had too much stupid biking stuff and they want more romance.

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