Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Betcha I can swim across the pool underwater

Another great weekend of traveling in the books. The racing still isn't the greatest in the world although we're showing steps in the right direction. I got ninth in the crit just behind my team/roomate Scotty Boy. We worked really well together patrolling the front and pulling back a break with a kid from CU and Mines. It was fun to feel like I made a difference in the race. Other then that this past week has sucked, everyone seems to be mad at me for some reason or another, but I'm just trying to brush it off and get my stuff done. I have talked to some people that I don't get to talk to that often so that's helped out a lot. I'm sitting here waiting for a girl from my spanish class to call so we can finish our presentation, but it doesn't look like she's gonna call tonight. I suppose somehow it must be my fault for procrastinating though. On the bright side, once again we got to swim in Grand Junction, this is getting to be a tradition we swam in an outdoor pool last mountain season in September or October, and now this Spring we got to in mid-April. April 24 has passed now, but I always remember a few years ago on April 24th when Mark, Scott Lingor (mono at that time) and I headed out for some early season wakeboarding in 50 degree temps and 39 degree water. It was cold and miserable, but the BS front flip was invented that day, although we all know it is now the BC front flip. Well, I think I'll just hit the sack and hope we can do this presentation another time. Thanks for reading.

Quick survey, do you readers think I should teach or run a bike shop? Your logic and reasoning is also helpful.


SW said...

By the last count of the 3109 Bike Shop, I think our current inventory is at 10 Bikes, lord knows all I do is pump up the tires, so I think you pretty much already run a bike shop. Besides that I have learned much more from my bike than most of my teachers. I think you would be a great mechanic, I just buy stuff that fast guys ride, you understand how it all works. They say you'll never work a day if you find a job you'll love. So let's take the worst days at both jobs.

Teacher - You have to wake up early, catch puke with a trash can, grade papers, deal with brats, then deal with their even brattier parents, and then you get chosen for cross walk duty.

Bike Shop - You are late because you drank too much coffee, but nobody really notices, some BMX'r comes in and wants his bike fixed (but you get to use the hammer), you have to tune up a wal mart bike, and you forget to tighten a kids training wheels, and you have annoying guys hang out at the shop all day.

Tough choice but puke sucks

P.S. if you run a shop do I get discounts??

Anonymous said...

where can i get some them groovy specs?


Anonymous said...

I remember back to another day with Lingor, you, and myself, where swimming was involved. The Black Hills trip, Placerville, swim team, ER, you get the idea. Speaking of BS and BC, got an email from BC the other day. As far as the occupation, dont know, but we can figure it out over a fire in June, very romantic. I have to get back to my presentation, econ report, and philosophy paper, which are all due tomorrow, because I decided I wouldnt start going to school until Thursday this week. See ya.


Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the landscaping career?

mr williamson

Anonymous said...

The stakes are high and so am I, its in the air tonight.