Monday, March 09, 2009

Another weekend of racing in the books.

DU hosted their home race at City Park on Saturday. The collegiate races went well with some break-out performances by our Men's C riders, as well as some great performances by our women, as well as our Men's A riders.

The Open races went smoothly as well, and I got to race in the Pro, 1,2 field. We got two riders into the early break of 5, one of them came out of it, but the break looked like it was going to make it.

We rode pretty defensively in the group, which got really boring. With 15 minutes to go things got fiesty and I had the chance to sneak off with one other guy. Allen Krughblog and another guy came up to us and Krugher-blogger when right through us, so I had a lap to sit on.

We caught him with a few laps to go, worked together to stay away from the group, and sprinted out for 5th. Allen took the hot line through the last roundabout and easily took the sprint, so he was 5th, I ended up 7th, and our teammate Caley Fretz was 2nd in the actual sprint. Good day for team Rio.

Yesterday was the Metro State TT. Once again DU had some good performances, highlighted by a 3rd place in our Men's A Team Time Trial, only 15 seconds off the win.

I raced later in the afternoon, took almost a minute off my time from 2 years ago, but still managed to get beaten by over a 1.15 by Phil Z. Turns out he's fast even with a broken wrist. In the end I was happy to feel good and powerful on my TT bike, so I guess I'll have to keep riding it. Tito tells me I have to win the State TT this year to defend his win from last year. We'll see.

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