Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strange Days.

Yesterday this page turned into a chat room I guess. Kinda funny, kinda weird.

On another note, I decided to do VOS at the last minute today only to find it was full. Oh well, at least I want to race, that's a good feeling. Things in general have been strange lately and I haven't been feeling myself. Hopefully some good training in the next weeks and then race season will pull me around.

Thanks for checking in.


Seth Rubin said...

Since you aren't at VOS, consider yourself lucky, come on over to Pfapfapfapfendorf's Place and join the race commentary. You guys have some horses in this race right?

We need the inside scoop to set the betting odds correctly.

Brian said...

So, what, you get all jazzed up because two people quadruple your stats (apparently), but not when I leave Sitemeter droppings from bloody Tanzania?

Seth Rubin said...

Way to drop the freakin' ball. Why didn't you tell us Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell was racing? How did he finish in front of so many of your teammates?