Monday, February 25, 2008

It's 10 and I'm not out of bed.

The last three days I would have had at least an hour ride time by now. Last week was a huge training week, so like usual, my life gets pretty dull when I'm riding a lot. I went out and had a beer last night though! One beer and I was wrecked, came home and went to bed.

So, I usually don't update when I don't have anything close to worthwhile to say, but I've been getting pressure to tell people things they want to hear. Last week my milage on the bike would have circumnavigated the globe 8 times. My kilojoule expenditure would have powered New York City for a full week.

Not true.

The riding has been great though, everyday I kick myself for not bringing a camera, but at the same time, I don't think I would have gotten home before dark if I'd taken every picture I wanted to yesterday. The weather here in Colorado has been amazing, and I've been exploring new roads every day. I only hope the weather holds out one more day because my car is in Colorado Springs and I'm riding down to get it tomorrow.

I spent the weekend down there, (The Springs, Colorado Springs, The Land of Christians and Medians) and on Saturday I had the best tour guide ever show me around town. After one day of riding with Daniel Matheny, I feel like I now know the town. Sunday Daniel, and some others Scotty and Brad, led me out of town on an all day death march back to Denver. Instead of scooting up the front range, I went deep into the mountains and actually had one of the best rides I've ever had. I'll definitely have to go back sometime and get some pictures of this one creek I rode along for about 5 miles. All in all it was a great day, I got hot, I got cold, I cracked a little, I got a little caffeine buzz, I met some laid back country folk that were more than eager to give directions, and in true Team Rio Grande fashion, I finished the ride off with a chicken burrito on my way back across downtown.

Today I'm resting, but I work tonight, then back at it for another big week before the first weekend of Collegiate racing in NM. Thanks for checking in, I'd say I'm sorry for being so lame, but I'm not.

P.S. Don't ever eat at the downtown Rio in spandex... lots of weird looks.

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Ryan said...

Nice Post, thats what I have been waiting for! Now I can go to bed happy knowing what Corey Carlson has been up to in his life:-) Come get your jackets from me sometime!