Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cross Races 2 and 3.

I sucked this weekend.

Two flats on Saturday in Colorado Springs.

Sunday, (today) was in Littleton, and I just sucked. No power, stacked it up 3 times trying to hop stuff I shouldn't have. On the bright side, I should have some Grade A pictures on the way from Joe over at PelotonPhoto.

Thanks for checking in.

P.S. Whoops..


cosmomasturpolitan said...

After witnessing your humorous attempt to hop a curb after the Koppenberg, I suggest you dismount for each and every obstacle.

All the love.

Anonymous said...

Two words:
Mr. Tuffy

s said...

I am not impressed Corey Carlson...not impressed one bit!

Anonymous said...

i cant find the pics. but then again, im dumb.


Anonymous said...

disregard. like i said, im dumb. i found em, bad ass.


Anonymous said...

the whoops picture is bad ass brah. hope you didnt get hurt.