Thursday, April 05, 2007

so it does work

I got a blackberry yesterday after it became apparent that my phone wasn't going to make it. The screen hasn't been working for a couple of months now, an recently it quit ringing when people would call. I finally laid it to rest, but not before a heartfelt goodbye and one last toss across my living room.

Right now I'm on lunch break from a CPR / First Aid class in Ft. Collins. I was suppposed to take this class last week, as well as the week before, but it never quite worked out. Today I get to take it all in one big chunk, 8-4! We're halfway done, so the boredom should be over soon. Tonight Rocky Mounts has a team night at Boulder Cycle Sport so that'll be good, even though it's doubtful that I'll buy anything.

OK back to class. Thanks for checking in.

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