Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anyone notice anything funny?

The infamous pump, the second time around.

Look different?

Different again?

Now I know it was blatantly my fault, but why would everyone use different colors and set ups? Diesel on right, left, or middle?

I propose a change for people like me.

They should all look like this.


Anonymous said...

Corey -
At least your car didn't get stolen. Or you could move to Europe, diesel is much more prevalent here.

Anonymous said...

thats funny.


Evan's life said...

I have never seen a yellow diesel pump in my life, I thought they were all green!
-E strong

Koch said...

I have found that it doesn't really matter what color the pumps are. My method to ensure the proper petrol makes it into my car is to use the little words located just above the pump nozzle, for example: Unleaded, Super Unleaded or in your case-Diesel. Shake it off it could happen to the best of us...on our worst day!

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Koch, I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the inspiration cc.


Anonymous said...

you're so pretty