Monday, October 16, 2006

Summit County Cross.

This weekend's races went well. I finished both somewhere towards the middle of the field, which is better than I can say about the past couple weeks. I felt strong through the finish, and even attacked a couple times to lose the guys I was with, so that was good.

Saturday's race was at the Breckinridge Nordic Center, right at the base of the mountain. It rain/snowed for a couple hours before my race, but cleared up a little bit while we rode. There was enough moisture to make a lot of the course a wet, slippery, mess, but I managed to keep the bike upright. I had a decent start, but flatted toward the end of the first lap. After a less than sweet wheel change, I was back on course, and I think I ended up getting back to about where I was. It was frustrating, but such is life, right?

Saturday's run-up.


After the finish with Ambretto.

Saturday night we crashed at Matt Koch's place in Edwards. Thanks Matt. We ate a a cool little brew pub and laid around his condo exhausted while Ambrette divided her time between styling Scott's hair and taking water shots with Matt.

The Ace Ventura.

This picture is actually a real girl, but she looks a lot like Scott, yeah?

Sunday morning came all too soon, and I really wasn't feeling the racing bug on the start line. There was a hellish run-up on Sunday's course which didn't help matters at all. After the first lap I decided I really liked the course, and ended up feeling better than I have all year. I went back and forth with one Einstein's Bagels rider, and ended up losing him in the last few laps, but I did manage to pick off a Harshman's/Primus Mootry rider in the chase which felt awesome.

Sunday's run-up. It sucked.

This little double barrier was right before the pit, about halfway through the lap.

Running through those barriers.

This single barrier was right at the bottom of a little run-up, and directly after a 90 degree left hand corner. I never quite got the line figured out, but I did pass a couple people through the run-up.
Today I'm off to work-class-work. I hope all is well with you, and thanks for checking in.


SW said...

wow that is hedious, but I can't stop looking at it.

Anonymous said...

is that marc bulger?


cosmomasturpolitan said...

All is well with me. Thank you!

Corey Carlson said...

who is marc bulger