Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I already did this once, and lost it all.


Friday night, my lovely lady friend and I went to First Friday in Denver (a bunch of art openings), and in the process of finding a parking spot near the Sante Fe district, I managed to pull off the greatest parking job of all times. Ever.

Here is the rear bumper.

The front.

The curbside.

And me. I'm pumped, are you pumped? I'm pumped. (Keep in mind I never touched another vehicle or the curb in this process.)

That night we stayed at my friend Zach's house in Denver. That's right, I had a friend in high school, not many, but at least one.

Saturday morning we cruised up to Gunnison for the cross races.

This is me and my new bike. Thanks to Scott for lending me the rear wheel, and Greg Harris for lending me the front. (Long story.)

Here is Saturday's run-up.

And the top of the run-up.

So, the only thing more embarassing than lining up on a start line next to 4 other guys is standing on a podium with 4 spectators.

Sunday's race was a little colder. I think at this point I was trying not to lose my spicy sausage from the night before, oh wait, that was the whole race.

This was a cool, but really hard down-up-down-up-down section from Sunday's course.

Here I am attacking through that section on the last lap. Don't worry, I slid out through the corner to lose my lead, then sprinted like an absolute moron so I ended 4th that day.

Thanks for checking in. I think I have some coookies to eat.


Mikael said...

Nice to hear about you racing cyclocross. Good luck on the season and hope to see a top some more podiums!

Evan's life said...

nice parking job im impressed, good to hear your made the podium good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

dude that parking job is amazing!