Monday, June 06, 2005

Mark's Hawk

Mark's Hawk
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Hello Everyone. I am guest writing for Corey today, and yes, that's me with the hawk. Today we are leaving for Telluride and getting this adventure off on the right foot. Yesterday I was looking at my hair, and decided... I need a Mohawk to truly be a rockstar, so master cutter Corey took the wheel and crafted the best mohawk I have ever seen. After the haircut, I considered donating the leftover hair to a cancer cause, when suddenely I had a revelation... with the help of my leftover hair, Corey would make a great Angus Young (AC/DC guitarist) look-alike. So now, Corey and I have become true rockstars, with not only the lifestyle, but the looks to accompany.
Last night, Corey and I had a little Greeley send off party at Jackson's. Scott, Kari, and Jordan joined us for some brews and long islands... only appropriate for a true rockstar send-off. Today, we are packing, making some final bike ajustments and eating Taco Johns for the 4th or 5th day in a row. We are stopping in Denver and Boulder before we head to Telluride to disembark from civilization for a month. To everyone reading, thank you... and for those about to rock... We Salute You.

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