Friday, June 03, 2005

MARCOR summer adventure day 1

Hey Everyone,

I'm updating from Marks house as we put the final few things together to take off on our trip. After a little packing, lunch with Lay Z and a little preening of my house, we will depart on the first leg of our journey. The trip today takes us through colorful Nebraska (home of arbor day) into beautiful eastern Colorado, and finally to the smelly little place I like to call home, Greeley, Colorado. We're hoping to get there in time to suck down a slurpee at the Rio before bed, but the way things are falling into place, it looks like that may have to wait for tomorrow.

The next few days we'll be in Greeley, hopefully getting some quality riding in during the day, and trying to to get thrown out of Roasties at night. Its been a fun few weeks here in Y-Town but it will be great to see some of the Greeley people for a few days before we hit the trails.

Latest trip update, we'll be departing Telluride on June 8th, not June 6th as originally expected. I guess there was some confusion in the reservations, but it all worked out because I got to stay an extra couple days in YKT and hang out with a few new friends.

So, in closing, to all of you in Yankton... farewell, thank you for a wonderful week home. To all of you in Greeley... beware, rockstars on the loose.

P.S. the last entry wasn't lost, there was just nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

thanks for updating.


Anonymous said...

Hell of a weekend. Take a ton of pics and have some good stories to tell when you return.

"Its a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll"