Friday, April 18, 2008

The gossip column.

I was in the car yesterday and I was told that to liven things up around the web log, I could just start posting gossip, mostly lies, but possibly some truth.

- I won't name any names, but a close friend of mine, knows a guy that can honestly say some un-named pros took drugs to get faster.

- Saunier-Duvall was probably paid to not start TDG because it was easier than battling Rock Racing in court.

- There are certain riders in this sport that don't stand a chance of getting a decent result, or finishing a race this year.

- A certain pro team got in trouble for painting some of their old team Orbea's so they looked like the new team GT's, I guess Wal-mart race bikes aren't appreciated by that race organization. Although I would like to add that there are certain riders on that team who are probably too fast to be racing in the states. I actually heard that one guys skeleton was giving up because his muscles are just so damn strong.

- Ryan Hamity had hair transplanted from the top of his head to his joules in order to look more like Alex Candelario and Joe Saperstein (always wearing a hat????) all at the same time.

- This just in from a Euro Correspondent, Kazakhstan is threatening to cut off France's oil and energy supplies following Astana's exclusion from the TDF.

- A certain U23 world champion apparently borrowed and wrecked his team director's car without permission one night, but won the rainbow jersey the next day before he could get in trouble for the car.

- Allen apparently got dumped this week because he ate his date's entire meal while she was in the bathroom. Sorry Allen.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll get some more juicy stuff later. Feel free to leave more interesting "facts" in the comments.


TD said...

great....just great...but what hair products are you using this season?

Anonymous said...

this web log blows.

cosmomasturpolitan said...

Sometimes I look at your blog when I'm flying or in a foreign country or something, and I say that I do so so that I can look at your Sitemeter later and see where it locates me, but really I just want to hear how you're doing. I keep checking the USA Cyling and ACA websites to see your results, but only rarely do I see your name.

My heart aches. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

dude, if that's you using number 120 in the Gila, you'd better make sure to mug for the officials the next time you cross the line...

Anonymous said...

I heard that Contador took out DZ at the Giro over his frustration with ASO's decision to include Slipstream at the Tour.

But thats just what I heard.