Saturday, January 26, 2008


So I was just getting back into a great schedule of training full time, when the weather turned crappy and brought with it a nasty head cold for me. After about a week I'm starting to feel like myself again, but I haven't quite gotten back to training full speed yet.

I'm in Colorado Springs right now, after opting out of the DU group ride this morning. I feel bad that I haven't ridden with them in a very long time, but I wanted to give myself one more day of feeling human before heading outside. I think there is a little trainer time in store for this afternoon, but you can about imagine the rush that I'm in to get started with that.

On an unrelated note, my bike is still for sale, as well as all those parts, so come on people, I could use the cash and the space in my bedroom. I've upped the ante a little on the frame, $400 bucks, I'll ship, or.... if you live in the front range, I'll hand deliver the frame and or build up the frame with your old or new components. I don't think you'll find an offer like that on ebay.

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