Thursday, November 22, 2007


Quick update.

I haven't been writing on here much, mostly because I haven't been racing much. The Boulder UCI races were fun, I felt great, but that was good enough for placing in the 40's and getting lapped EARLY. Oh well, what can you do when Trebon is lapping into the top 20?

My big news is that next year I will be riding with the Rio Grande - Jose Cuervo team. It should be a great fit as I know most of the guys, work for the sponsor and have the same goals as the rest of the team. More to come on this later.


cosmomasturpolitan said...

Admit it, you just wanted a bike like mine.

Dana said...

I believe their bikes are more like mine than yours my good eastern friend.

Anonymous said...

congrats bro. i wanna come in sometime you are working. do you have a set schedule?


Allen Krughoff said...

Hey man, welcome to the team - should be good times. Also, you’ve been tagged - see my blog for details...You need to write 5 random things/facts about yourself and then tag five others.