Sunday, October 07, 2007


DU group ride at 9:00. I only went an hour so I could get up to Frisco for the first of two cross races up there this weekend. The course was good, nice mix of road and dirt with a little grass. I could have used a little more grass, but what can ya do, this is Colorado and I guess we don't really race on grass anymore.

There were a few barrier sections, two of which utilized logs from the front of parking spots, they were sitting on top of other short logs that supported each end, like Lincoln Logs I guess. Anyway, the first barrier was a real wooden one, on an uphill in woodchips. I hopped it in warm-ups, but after climbing up to it in the race I had visions of crashing like I did in Littleton, so I opted to get off and run. Then we climbed more on pavement, pavement descent (wierd) and then some loose twisty stuff, down to a tight LOOSE turn around some bleachers (which I almost ate a few times), then 4 log barriers really close together. I couldn't get my timing right through these until the last few laps, then a little more tight twisty stuff, a little grass, then a 90 degree left hander into a log barrier at the bottom of a small rise. This is where the excitement of my race happened.

I started top ten, moved up over the first couple laps, into 3rd by the end of lap 2. I was hopping that single log barrier, and it was right in front of Dave and there was a little crowd gathered around it. The crowd started getting into me hopping the log, so I think I got bigger cheers than the leaders. The crowd started handing out money, so I started grabbing it. In the end I walked away 6th or 7th after fading on the climbs, but 55 dollars richer. Boo Ya.

I'm off for round two. Thanks for the pics Greg.


Koch said...

Thats Awesome! Congrats Corey.

Sorry I couldn't make the race, shoot your schedule out there and I'll plan ahead.. I'll bring my new cross bike .

Anonymous said...

Is that a leg warmer over your shorts??

Dan Schmatz said...

Before the race my wife (who has only seen a few cross races, do they not have cross in Canada?) and I were standing at the barriers. I guy came through warming up and hopped them, he was rolling pretty slow and made it look easy. Then the current race came through and it was a lower cat. They were all running and not going to quick. She commented that the guy hopping was much faster. I say sometimes but if you mess up it can be bad. Towards the end of the pro race she says "LIKE THAT!" and I said yeah, like that. Thanks for making me look smart.

Good luck this weekend.